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This is a breakthrough in early warning systems: moving from single-use-product solutions to multi-faceted predictive biometrics systems that can be constantly improving. Our wearable equipment is akin to the difference between a beeper phone and a smartphone: multi-sensor wearable computational hardware that may be updated with each new version of the software.

For example, asphyxiation prediction is likely to be our first software update to be rolled out to the Canaria-V hardware.


Did you know Cognitive Fatigue currently accounts for 2/3rds of all industrial accidents in Australia?

Safety-related work injuries in Australia cost industry AUD$61.8B, equitable to more than 4% of Australia’s GDP*. In 2019, there were 144 reported deaths in the Australian workforce*. Sixty-six of these had a likely root cause of cognitive fatigue*. 

Heat Stress is a global problem that costs Australia alone - $6.8B annually*

A single Heat Stress incident costs an average of $6,500 AUD in rostering expenses, investigation, and rehabilitation*.


At least 1,600 reported serious Heat Stress incidents to occur each summer in Australian workplaces*.


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