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Canaria Technologies HQ

Level 6, 200 Adelaide Street

Brisbane CBD, Queensland 4000


1300 260 095

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The heavy industries face numerous challenges in managing a dispersed workforce. Serious incidents from Cognitive Fatigue and Heat Stress adversely affects employees’ well-being and may incur significant expense and reputational damage. Please get in touch with us today to see how our Predictive Biometrics Platform can benefit your business. 

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We are working with the world's biggest companies across the global resources sector, allowing technology and safety to come together in life-threatening situations. Our system allows for real-time data analysis so that you can make informed decisions about your employees' health. This will help you prevent injuries and illnesses before they occur.

Our system has been proven successful in a number of heavy industries such as mining, oil & gas where it has been deployed across users worldwide. The system is designed for use on mobile devices or computers with minimal integration effort.

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