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How can you determine if a user is fatigued or suffering from the effects of heat stress?
  • How is the data being used?
    The primary use of the data is to pre-empt Cognitive Fatigue and Heat Stress incidents.
  • Do you get my information from the Canaria-V instantly?
    Canaria establishes a baseline for each device with each user. With a mobile device information can be seen in real-time. We also store the data recorded by the Canaria-V on the Device until end-of-shift. When the Canaria-V is cradled in the Base Station Dock, the data is collected and analysed.

The heavy industries face numerous challenges in managing a dispersed workforce. Serious incidents from Cognitive Fatigue and Heat Stress adversely affects employees’ well-being and may incur significant expense and reputational damage.

Transmissive PPG and propriety algorithms provide >99% accuracy of cardiorespiratory function. The Canaria-V is equipped with modular and adjustable design features, providing maximum personalised comfort when fitted behind the ear of any wearer.

Our quality-controlled Data Management process and cloud infrastructure adhere to best practices for data anonymisation, storage, and privacy. This along with encrypted transfer and storage means users can be assured their personal information is safe and secure.

The Canaria Platform includes a real-time app for wearers of the Canaria-V to see their live biometric data, whilst supervisors/managers can see a holistic view of their workforce through an app and desktop dashboard. The Canaria Analytics Suite can integrate with other enterprise software, 

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Smart PPE Solution for the Digital Workforce

If you're in the heavy industry business, you know that Safety is a top priority. Our Cognitive Fatigue and Heat Stress Monitoring solution has been proven to be successful in a number of heavy industries such as Mining, Oil & Gas where it has been deployed across users worldwide.

In the heavy industry space, you know that safety is of the utmost importance. You also know that your employees are responsible for ensuring the safety of their coworkers and themselves—and if they're not able to stay alert and focused on the job, it can have disastrous consequences. Use our Cognitive Fatigue and Heat Stress monitoring solution to keep your workforce safe.

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