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Canaria Technologies is a leading innovator of the next generation of cutting-edge, transformative technology based on biometric algorithms. Our wearable Cognitive Fatigue and Heat Stress predictive systems provide real-time safety alerts to improve worker performance. Using wearable devices powered by proprietary algorithms and backed by reliable, personalized data, Canaria works in unison with existing safety protocols to increase productivity and save lives.


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Canaria Technologies has been fortunate enough to be showcased in the latest Brisbane Brief outliningthe incredible talent of local businesses here in the City that's 'Alive with Opportunity.' Our Chair & Co-Founder Alex Sorina Moss highlights the level of support Brisbane offers for the Technology Sector.


The Brisbane Brief has been developed by Brisbane Economic Development Agency (BEDA), in consultation with over 150 local industry leaders, highlighting the city’s unique strengths, to support local businesses, industry and partners to sell the city on the global stage.

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