Safety Technology & Smart PPE

Smart ventilation, smart logistics, smart maintenance, smart machines, and other smart systems continuously exchange information with themselves and with human workers to drive safety solutions in harsh working climates.

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Personal Protective Equipment(PPE)

Personal Protective Equipment is any clothing, equipment, or substance designed to protect from hazards in the workplace - face & eye, hearing, head, foot, respiratory, protective clothing, and hand protection.


The next generation of 'Smart PPE' is taking safety to another level;

  • Smart devices like helmets, ear muffs, and face masks can help communication in loud or low-visibility environments

  • Smart cooling and heating elements can respond to body and external temperatures to keep the wearer safe

  • Active PPE like smart lockout/tag out and laser-enabled emergency stop devices can prevent equipment-related injuries

  • Light-emitting garments like safety vests can provide high visibility

  • Environmental sensors in clothing can monitor gas, chemical, heat, and sound.  

What is 'Smart PPE'

Personal Protective Equipment that can connect over Bluetooth, the internet, smartphones, and cloud-based analytics platforms. As well as adding the traditional benefits of PPE, the “SMART “allows real-time safety information or alerts to workers and their supervisors, sends critical data and location information, minimises exposure to hazards, but also collects data, sends notifications, and automatically adjusts to internal and external conditionsCanaria Technologies is the next generation of "Smart PPE" with a sleek behind the ear earpiece designed to be minimally invasive whilst providing real-time alerts to enable safety. Worn discreetly behind the ear and powered by cutting-edge computing technology, the Canaria-V analyses heart rate, heart rate variability, respiration, blood oxygen levels, temperature, and user movement. Not only does the Canaria-V provide a cost-saving solution for heavy industry, but it also has the potential to save millions of lives globally.

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