Services & Training

We are a multi-faceted system providing up to the minute safety risk alerts for multiple issues. Its predictive nature is also a feature not replicated by a large portion of the market.

Canaria Technologies Services


Medical-Grade Technology

Canaria devices implement technology utilized in emergency & intensive care units across the globe. Miniaturising this approach for use on the ear ensures our readings are taken soon after the blood leaves the heart and remain accurate even in times of serious distress.



Our tiered service has been designed to meet the variety of different needs within extreme workplaces. Subscriptions are tailored based on the number of devices required and the degree of our analytics suite which helps ensure the safety of any workforce.



We work with our clients to provide full integration to their safety management systems & framework. We also work with global equipment manufacturers to integrate seamlessly into vehicle management systems and heads up displays.



Our quality-controlled Data Management process and cloud infrastructure adhere to best practices for data anonymisation, storage, and privacy. This along with encrypted transfer and storage means users can be assured their personal information is safe and secure.



Our earpiece has been designed to fit comfortably and unobtrusively behind the ear which makes it simple to use and easy to wear for hours on end.



The Canaria Analytics Suite is being built to be able to integrate with other enterprise software. The suite offers historical evaluation and analysis capabilities with key insights into the data and safety risks identified.


Training & Education

At Canaria Technologies, we view technology as only half of the solution: the other half is training and change management. This mentality ensures that our system is used properly, and users understand how the system can benefit them on a day-to-day basis. Training comes as part of our subscription contracts with clients and charges are dependant on location and whether in-person training is required for deployments. Canaria Technologies also offers bespoke training workshops upon request.


Did you know?

Muscular individuals are at the highest risk of experiencing heat stress? Or that once you’re aware that you’re about to have a micro-sleep you can delay its onset by 10 minutes by listening to something engaging with high volume? 


A Canaria representative conducts in-person training for users along with integration recommendations aligned with current processes. The training includes the installation of the system (i.e. identifying whether our client has a particular focus on cognitive fatigue, heat exhaustion, man-down, or all), the identification of expected outcomes, a walkthrough of the scientific principles behind the PBP platform, a walkthrough of the data collection, and hands-on equipment and software training.

When on-site training isn’t possible, Canaria provides easy-to-understand installation and training videos alongside a primary point of contact for questions and additional help.

We also work directly with change managers within an organization to establish how to manage users who indicate on the early warning systems. Most problems can be solved with a discussion between user and manager and supportive follow-ups. Usually, there is already a company mental health and HSE procedure that Canaria can integrate into, which streamlines this.