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Our solution enables predictive Fatigue and Heat Stress monitoring through biometric sensors worn by workers on site, providing real-time alerts when conditions become unsafe. This empowers you to make informed decisions about safety at work.

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Wearable Technology

Transmissive PPG and propriety algorithms provide >99% accuracy of cardiorespiratory function. The Canaria-V is equipped with modular and adjustable design features, providing maximum personalised comfort when worn behind the ear of any worker.

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Private & Secure

Our quality-controlled Data Management process and cloud infrastructure adhere to best practices for data anonymisation, storage, and privacy. This along with encrypted transfer and storage means users can be assured their personal information is safe and secure.

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Analytics Suite

The Canaria Analytics Suite can integrate with other enterprise software, including in-vehicle collision management systems. The Canaria Platform includes a real-time app for wearers of the Canaria-V to see their live biometric data, whilst supervisors/managers can see a holistic view of their workforce through an app and desktop dashboard.


Smart PPE

The Canaria-V has been designed to fit comfortably and unobtrusively behind the ear, allowing the wearer to pair with other PPE equipment such as hard hats, ear protection and safety glasses with no fitment issues.


Change Management

We work with our clients to provide full integration into their daily routine, with end-to-end training, account management and a 24/7 customer help desk portal, we ensure that the Canaria Technologies Platform is utilised to the full extent of its capability throughout the entire client journey.

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Partnering in Safety

Our tired service has been designed to meet a variety of challenges within extreme workplaces. Subscriptions are tailored based on the number of Canaria-Vs required in the field.

Change Management

Here at Canaria, we know that one of the biggest hurdles standing in the way of your organisation's success is time. That's why we offer in-person training for our users along with integration recommendations aligned with current processes.

The training includes an installation of our system and an identification of expected outcomes, a walkthrough of the principles behind our platform, a walkthrough of data collection, and hands-on equipment and software training. We provide training videos and a 24/7 Help Desk alongside a primary Account Manager for questions and additional help. We also work directly with change managers within an organization to establish how to manage users who indicate on early warning systems.

Training & Change Management

At Canaria Technologies, we view technology as only half of the solution: the other half is training and change management. This mentality ensures that our system is used efficiently, and users understand how the system can benefit them on a day-to-day basis.


Training comes as part of our subscription contracts, supplied with an Account Manager and Tech Engineer to install and educate in the initial week. We offer a 24/7 Help Desk portal for FAQ's and tech support with a training video that can be accessed at any time via our Canaria Technologies App, YouTube channel or Canaria Technologies website.

Need Some Extra Support?

Canaria Technologies offers a 24/7 Help Desk Support Portal for both Management and Workers to assist with any questions regarding the Predictive Biometrics Platform. 

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