Canaria Technologies Global Team

Canaria Technologies’ success has been off the back of a world-class team. Led by founders Alex Sorina Moss and Dr Rob Finean, Canaria Technologies has worked hard to put together the best team possible to ensure our Predictive Biometric Systems are at the forefront of the industry and continually making a difference.


Canaria Technologies was founded in London in 2016 by Alex Sorina Moss and Dr Rob Finean. Canaria is a recognized leader in the emerging field of Predictive Biometrics, pioneering the next generation of industrial safety equipment predicting heat stress and cognitive fatigue events in real-time.

The original concept behind the Canaria Predictive Biometrics Platform was conceived for use by NASA aboard the International Space Station to solve the dual problems of hazardous pockets of C02 and a black hole of biometric data. The founders went on to win the NASA Global Award for Best Use of Hardware in 2016 prior to separating from the space sector to focus on commercializing their first-generation Predictive Biometrics Platform for use on earth in the world’s most physically challenging environments.


The company relocated to Australia in 2017 and has specialized its equipment for use in the heavy industries over 5 generations of hardware.

Meet The Team

Alex Sorina Moss

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Co-Founder & Chair


Dr Rob Finean

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Co-Founder, Head of

Research & Development


Theodora Le Souquet

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Managing Director


Leigh Staines

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Advisory Board Chair

At work, employees face numerous challenges in managing a dispersed workforce. From Cognitive Fatigue and Heat Stress, serious incidents can severely impact your organisation’s well-being. At Canaria Technologies we provide technology that will improve the health and safety of your teams, with proven results that deliver a better quality of life at work. Get in touch with one of our Predictive Biometric Specialists today.